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Practicing Mindfulness in Turbulent Times

By                  Expert Author Judy Ringer                 

"Mindfulness" = The moment to moment awareness of experience just the way it is. ~Liz Korabek-Emerson
I don't know about you, but I could practice being more mindful today. And... every day, every moment, every breath. Recent posts have centered on holding difficult conversations amid the stress of turbulent times, and I thought I'd bring it down a notch and talk about theantidote to stress, which also happens to be a way to calm emotional triggers, find balance, and regain power under pressure--mindfulness meditation.
Practicing Mindfulness in Turbulent Times
Liz Korabek-Emerson--mindfulness teacher, transformational workshop leader and creative coach--describes mindfulness as "the moment to moment awareness of experience just the way it is." I attended a mindfulness training with Liz recently, and was reminded of how the mind is always looking for thoughts to focus on. In Liz's session, my mind settled and returned to the present each time I came back to the breath. I had to come back many times, because my thoughts (ever wandering) drew me away. And... that's the practice.
My mentor Thomas Crum writes about the difference between Being and Doing. I'm a "do-er" -- I like to organize and get stuff done. I'm usually thinking about what's next on my list before I've even finished the task at hand. Consequently, I need to practice bringing myself back to the present--a lot!
Although I meditate daily and teach centering in my trainings, I'm still amazed at the way my mind is constantly busy--Did I remember to buy those tickets? How should I reply to that email? Will Mom manage okay while I'm away? I wish I'd kept my mouth shut yesterday! And equally amazed at how bringing my wandering mind back is a constant practice.
I asked Liz if I could reprint an article from her blog that speaks to that worry, "Am I doing it right?" -- which I think we all have when the mind wanders. She graciously said yes.
Enjoy this simple summons to a kinder, happier and more connected you, and if you are looking for a centered and powerful mindfulness meditation teacher, go find Liz.
The Measure of Success
by Liz Korabek-Emerson
The measure of success of our practice is...
Not the number of sessions, or how good we are at it, or how long we sit (although we still have to show up and do it)
But in how kind we are, to ourselves and then others, how connected we feel to our life and the people around us, how happy we are - not in that "I got everything I wanted for Xmas" happy but in the kind of happiness that enables us to be resilient, to bounce back and continue to be in the natural flow of life - meeting difficulties without adding to our burdens, recognizing our common humanity and wholeheartedly embracing joy as it tumbles unexpectedly into our days. In short, happy to be with things just the way they are; including ourselves, other people and life situations.
Sharon Saltzberg, a long time practitioner and teacher has written that "we don't watch our breath just to become good breath-watchers". And I think this is true. We watch our breath because it is the basic practice, the vehicle through which we cultivate a mind that is focused, open and flexible. But we practice because the world could use more kindness, strength and clarity.
Couldn't you?
About the Author: Judy Ringer is the author of two books: Turn Enemies into Allies and Unlikely Teachers; and the award-winning e-zine, Ki Moments, which contains stories and practices on turning life's challenges into life teachers. Judy is a third-degree black belt in aikido and nationally known presenter, specializing in unique workshops on conflict, communication, and creating a positive work environment. She is the owner of Power & Presence Training, and founder of Portsmouth Aikido, Portsmouth, NH, USA. To sign up for more free tips and articles like these, visit

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Why Energy, When We Have So Many Other Ways to Be Better Physically, Mentally and Emotionally?

By                             Expert Author Nazia Hirani         

Such an interesting question asked to me by someone. Why would I work with my energy or be even concerned about my Vitality when I have so many other things to do?
This question can be approached with many perspectives. I will begin with the one most familiar to me.
Energy is the most accessible
Energy is everywhere, every single place that you can think of. It is the most accessible thing to us. Playing a piece of music on the phone in your hand is farther than the Energy around you. Energy is something that is so easily accessible, you do not even have to move your body parts to access it.
Energy is most easily convertible
Energy is such a wonderful thing that it can be easily converted from one form to another. The best part is that only You have the power over your energy. No other than You can convert it in the form you want. Even your emotions are energy. Want to feel good? Just convert the energy around you to feeling good. Energy is such a subtle creation that it is easier to mold it than wet sand on the beach. It is a great toy to play with for all ages! You can use it any way you want. The key is knowing clearly what you want.
Energy is very powerful
Although being humble enough to be converted at your will, it cannot be destroyed. It is extremely powerful, it can never be destroyed, just converted from one form to another. Are you experiencing some unwanted energy around you? Remember, it can be converted.
Energy is the core of our creation. Everything within us and around us is Energy. We access it every single moment, convert it every single moment and make it work for us unconsciously. It is natural for us to play with energy. We have known it all the time.
Any discomfort you feel in your body, or in life in general, is because you have forgotten your play with Energy around you. You need to recall the play.
Any method that you are using to make your life better than what it is, has Energy at its roots. There are infinite ways to approach/access your Energy and mold it the way you want. You can choose what you feel the most comfortable with.
Breathe to access your Energy
One of the easiest and most common way is "Breathing", yes your breathing. We breathe all the time, most of the times unknowingly. We know breathing so well, that we don't have to do it consciously. We do it unconsciously all the time. Close your eyes, and focus on your breathing for atleast 5-7 breaths. You will notice reduction in your thoughts. Open your eyes and try to notice what you feel different. You just accessed and molded your energy into something you don't know because you did not have anything in your mind at that time.
Now try with intention, for example, I want to feel happy (mold my energy into happiness). Think about how you want to feel and do that same thing (close your eyes, focus only on your breathing for atleast 5-7 cycles and open your eyes). Observe your feelings. Are you smiling?
The key is to avoid any other distraction/thought during those 5-7 breaths. After achieving some success ask yourself what do you want to do with this.
Have fun with your life, have fun with your Energy! It is all Yours.
Healing is also one of the ways to get better at knowing your Energy. If you feel you have some form of physical, emotional or mental discomfort/issue, you can work with your energy and heal your aspects and live life as you desire, not being controlled by your issues.
The Vitality Cafe can help you in the process. The Vitality Cafe is an energy cafe that helps you recharge your body, rejuvenate your thoughts and restore your emotional balance.

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Think! Only You Are Responsible For Yourself

By    Co-Author: Dolletta Mitchell 

What keeps you non-productive? Are you living your life waiting for someone to validate it?
Do you find yourself looking around to see what others have done to see if what you are planning fit in? Some will say, "yes, I have done that, and I only end up frustrated and boxed-in." If that is you too, just know that you can accept labels or be boxed-in.
People ask what you do. Are you a manager? Are you a health professional? Are you a web developer? Are you a marketer? Are you a personal fitness coach? Are you a _____ (you fill in the blank)? Honestly, you don't have a title. Do you want to be defined or confined in one word?
Even though I am a motivational type person, I can never be labeled or boxed-in, and I have always been that way. I remember sitting in a class, and people go around the room stating their name and title. How do I put one label on me? There are so many elements to me. I am into entrepreneurship, into technology, into fitness, and marketing. Whether it holds acceptable or not, I am operating in the assignment that I am given.
When someone tells me to do something, I am notorious for asking 'why.' Do you ask 'why' too or just accept the status quo?

I took a job where they told me when to go to lunch; when to go to the restroom; what I need to do and how I need to do it; how I should think, be, and do. I understand it was because a lot of people can think but don't trust what they see or their ability to make a decision. So, management steps in and defines a structured step-by-step rule to aid that set of people. But those rules hinder the creativity of people like me.
The past two and one-half years I worked there, I made every effort to 'fit in,' and that does not work for me. Why? Created as a free spirit (individualist) who should never be boxed-in, I work well in an unstructured environment. Such an environment allows me to devote my whole self to my work and produce great results.
Have you heard the saying, "If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down?" Does that describe how you feel? If so, start asking why?

Do you feel like you are intimidated to make decisions? Or when someone tells you to do something, you may not feel good about what they are telling you to do, but you do it anyway because you respect them. Be okay with starting to ask why. Why should I do that? Why do you think I should go this way? Or build this kind of business? Why?
Many times, people get stuck in tradition. Being stuck says, "this is the way it has always been done, so this is the way you should do it." Reality is the way that we flourish, as a world, at any level of history is because somebody had the vision to see we don't have to do it a particular way. Now, you can fly around the world because the Wright Brothers broke the rules.
There are so many things in our lives that people tell us we can do or cannot do. We begin to conform to the opinions of others. That tends to limit our potential because your potential lies in your vision.

The vision that you see when you close your eyes and picture in your thought. It is those moments of inspiration when you imagine yourself doing something, and you are living it out in your mind. And, you feel like you are there, and you are thinking, "Oh my God, this is me." Then you open up your eyes, and you look around, and you are thinking, "Oh, that is not realistic."
  • Fulfilling your potential in life is being unrealistic.
  • Fulfilling your potential in life is breaking the rules.
  • Fulfilling your potential in life is being chancy.
  • Fulfilling your potential in life is not to do what everyone else is doing and not conforming.
  • Fulfilling your potential in life is learning how to align your decision-making and taking the actions according to the vision you see.
Set yourself free to be you. You will be a much better person, employee, entrepreneur, spouse, sibling, overall person.
I've been a rebel all my life. And it was not always in the right way. A lot of it was because I did not see life the way other people see it. I question it and get in discussion for the asking why. Asking why should I have to do it this way. It has gotten me in a lot of friendly conversations. Most of all, it helps me understand others when they take the time to explain their 'why' to me.
The more I have grown; I have realized that I was right. I was challenging a traditional way of doing things. And, some people do not like you to challenge them.
If you feel stuck or controlled, you may need to begin owning being a rebel with a cause. Not in a disrespectful way. A rebel fight against something. That is why a lot of people do not like the term rebel. It is okay if you are battling against something that goes against who you are.
Some of the most successful people I know go against any mediocrity. They fight against being typical. They fight against blending in. They fight against doing things the way everybody else does it because that is the way that they do it.

Ensure that you are doing your work and doing the research about things you doubt you should do. This will allow you to have an honest conversation and let others see why you should not do it a certain way.
If doing something for the sake of 'it has always been done this way' does not fall into alignment with the vision that you have, you may choose not to do it. You can ask 'why?' And, if still, people tell you that you cannot do something your way, you ask why and then go out and show everyone that it can be done.
I hope this article jump-starts your progression to a successful personal and work life. I wish you well.
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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Is the Surgeon General Right About the Risks of Marijuana Use During Pregnancy?


Surgeon General Jerome Adams yesterday issued an advisory about the "health risks" posed by marijuana use during pregnancy. He considers it "alarming" that "many retail dispensaries recommend marijuana to pregnant women for morning sickness." During a press conference explaining the advisory, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar declared that "no amount of marijuana use during pregnancy or adolescence is safe."  read more>>>

Will Opioid Litigation Take its Toll on Pharma Companies?

Indrajit Bandyopadhyay

Opioid Epidemic and Substance Abuse

AUGUST 30, 2019

The Oxford House held its annual convention in Washington, DC focused on the opioid epidemic and substance abuse recovery efforts. The…read more>>>

There's a Secret to Getting Yourself to Meditate

By         Expert Author Kevin Schoeninger

As a meditation teacher, I've heard countless students share their excuses for why they didn't meditate in the past week. They wanted to. They know it would be good for them. They just didn't do it. At least, not consistently.
Something always seems to get in the way: they need more sleep, the dog needs to be walked, the kids are up, they had to work late or had an early meeting, they felt too anxious, worried, or irritable... Meditation just didn't seem as important as other things they had to do. Yet, all those things they did didn't give them the peace of mind they desired.
Of course, meditation is about changing your relationship with all the events, worries, and anxieties in your life. It's a daily ritual-like eating, sleeping, and brushing your teeth-that creates a more relaxed, healthy, meaningful, and intentional way of living. It's a powerful practice to realize the deep peace of mind we all desire. So, what's the secret to moving from excuses to practice?
The answer is: you've got to have a strong "Why?"
Where do you find your Why?
The answer may surprise you.
The Secret is Body Awareness
Your body is not just a mechanical vehicle for carrying out all the activities in your life. It is a highly-sensitive bio-feedback system.
Your body can tell you what is good for you to eat and how much, when you need to rest, when you need to relax and have fun, when you need to get up and move, and when you need to be alone, have contact with others, be in nature, and spend time in meditation. It connects you to when, why, and how much to do anything. If you're paying attention.
In our context, it connects you to WHY you might want to meditate in the first place. At least it has the potential to do this-if you pay attention. Yet, how often do you pause and really pay attention to your body's signals? How often do you stop to sense what it is telling you?
Why aren't you doing this?
First off, we have a culture that encourages just the opposite. We are encouraged to focus outwardly rather than inwardly. We are encouraged to do as much as possible. We are encouraged to gather as many products and as much wealth, data, and sensory input from the external environment as we possibly can.
We are encouraged to react quickly and are discouraged from taking time for well-considered and deeply felt responses. We are conditioned to quick reactions and sound bites on news and social media. We are impatient with anything that takes time. We go, go, go, until we are too exhausted to continue.
Do you feel this exhaustion?
Yet, are you worried about what might happen if you stop? Are you worried you'll fall behind and be left out? At a certain point, you may decide you just don't want to live this way anymore. When you reach this point-or preferably long before that-take a moment to pay attention inside. Notice what all this thinking, doing, worry, accumulation, and stimulation is doing to you.
Is there another option?
Meditation Creates a New Way of Being
Meditation interrupts nonstop thinking and doing and gives your body a chance to relax deeply-something you may not even get to do in a restless sleep. Consciously relaxing, as you do in meditation, unwinds tension accumulated beneath your awareness in the past 24 hours as well as in the years of your life up to this point. It slowly dissolves the reactive mental-emotional patterns that drive you on the hamster wheel of nonstop activity. It quiets your mental chatter.
Now, when you first start to meditate, you may not notice this relaxing, quieting, and calming effect. You may become even more aware of how busy your mind is, how conflicting your emotions are, and how tense your body is. If you have mistreated your body through over-stress for a long period of time, initial moments of Body Awareness in meditation might not feel so great.
Or, you may feel little to nothing at all. All that thinking, doing, and pushing yourself to do things you feel you "have to" or "should" do may have cut you off from how you feel. You may have lost touch with your vital sensations and feelings. You may just feel bored without external stimulation keeping you distracted.
Yet, discomfort, boredom, or numbness, when you face them honestly, directly, gently, and without judgment, as you do in meditation, can alert you to just how much you need to activate another way of being.
If you heed this signal and take time to sit, breathe, and mindfully notice what's happening inside-the layers of stress will begin to unwind and your vital senses will reawaken. As you unwind, Body Awareness may tell you just how exhausted you are from the way you are going about your life.
As you pay close attention to what your body has to say, you might find that all those things you've been chasing after may not be as important as they seemed. You may discover you don't want to live on the human hamster wheel of incessant activity, worry, and anxiety any longer. You may be inspired to make new choices that reflect your soul's deeper desires.
Meditation beckons you to a more relaxed, healthy, meaningful, and intentional way of living-and your body will tell you just how important this is-if you pay attention.
Want to get started meditating? You'll be gently guided into deep relaxation and calm clarity with Clear Quiet Mind Meditations. Just click "Play" and follow along. Download on CD Baby or Download on ITunes
Kevin Schoeninger is a writer and teacher of Mind-Body training, including Mindfulness, Meditation, Qigong, and Reiki. He is the author of the book "Clear Quiet Mind" and numerous guided meditations and programs in the field of personal empowerment and spiritual growth.

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